Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Celtic Dream Circles Baby Pram Gift Box

Good morning, this morning I thought I'd just add some quick instructions for making the Baby Pram Gift Box.  It's very simple but very pretty all the same.


Celtic Dream Layering Circle Die Set
New Baby Sentiment Die Set
3 A4 sheets pink card
3 A4 sheets white card
1 A3 sheet white card
plus anything you need for decoration

1.  Cut two of the second size down circle outline in white and two in pink

2. Cut the matching pattern die into each of the pink circles.

3. Stick the pink patterned circles onto the white circles for stability.

4. Find the centre of the circles and cut straight up and straight across which gives you the 90 degree angle that you need for the pram opening.

5. Cut a 6" strip of card from the A3 sheet along the length and score a 1" line at either side, fold this and cut wedges out equally along the length of either side, this allows your piece of card to curve easily to be stuck in place.

6. I used a glue gun to stick my long length of card in place because it dries pretty much instantly but if you do use one please be aware that it can't be moved, once it's stuck, it's stuck firm.  So, using your preferred method of adhesion, stick the flaps you just created by snipping into the length of card onto the edge of the circles, starting at one of your cut edges and taking the strip of card right the way along to the other cut edge, I found that mine fitted perfectly without needing to trim any off at all which was a nice surprise!  Wait for this to dry properly before you stick the other side on, it will make it a lot easier to handle.

7. Line up your other circle so it matches the first one that you stuck in place, add your preferred glue to the flaps and stick it in to position.  Again, you need this to dry before going any further.

8. Cut four small white circles and four small pink circles adding the pattern to the pink ones.

9. Layer these together and attach them to the bottom edge of your pram as the wheels on either side.

Your basic pram box is now finished, it's up to you how you decorate it.  For either side of the hood I used a 22cm length of card that I scored at 1cm intervals, I then folded these like a concertina, gluing the very bottom of them together to make a portion of a rosette which I then glued into place on the side of my pram box adding a rolled flower by cutting a spiral into a small pink circle, rolling it up from the outside edge and gluing this together.  I also trimmed down the Baby Girl sentiment out of the New Baby Sentiment die set just leaving the word 'baby' which fitted perfectly into my available space.

I hope this helps, if, however, you need any more information, please let me know and I'll try and get another made up to show you.

Karen x


  1. Thanks for sharing this Karen - I soo want a go. It's gorgeous hun x

  2. Thanks for giving the instructions, gorgeous pram gift box. Hugs Jennifer xx

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful, Pram gift box, and a fabulous step by step, thank you for sharing, hugs xx

  4. Just received my dies, was waiting for them to make this, as Jodie showed it on Create and Craft. My neighbor just had a little girl. Thank you so much for these instructions. xxxx

  5. Excellent thanks you for sharing, have 2 ladies where I work that are leaving soon to have babies so that will be a perfect keepsake for them xxxx


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