Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Christmas Top Border Card

Just a simple card to share today after the last slightly more complicated one!  For this card I used one of the Topper Dies for the Tonic Studios Pick Of The Week Dies.

I used two sheets of A4 cream pearlescent card to make the 8" x 8" card blank by cutting the first sheet down to 10" x 8" and scoring the long side at 6" and 8".  Cut the second sheet down to 8" x 8" and score this at 6".

Thread a pearly heart ribbon slider onto a length of 25mm red ribbon so it gathers in the the middle as shown in the photo.

Fold the 8" score line on your larger sheet of card, this will be the section that holds your two pieces of card together to form your card blank.  Between the two score lines, right in the centre, place a thin line of double sided tape right across and over lapping so you can secure your ribbon at the back.  You may also want to place a couple of shorter strips either side of this central strip but these won't need to come to the centre as the ribbon is gathered.  Place your ribbon on your card with the heart in the middle and secure it behind.

Place some double sided tape along the outer flap and stick your back panel onto it, matching up the score lines.  You also need to put some double sided tape between the score lines to stick this together as this then forms the top of your card.

You now only have to decorate the 6" x 8" panel of your card below the score line.  Cut a layer of red card leaving a small border of cream pearlescent showing and stick this in place, now cut a matching cream pearlescent layer leaving a small border of red showing.  Take your Pansy Topper die and using the patterned section, place it to the left of your cream layer, as we are going to cut it into our cardstock, leave an equal border on three of the sides.  Tape it down and run it through your machine.  Because of where it is placed on the card and because the die is one of the larger ones you may need to turn the die and run it back through your machine in order to get it all to cut which is why it is important to tape it down well with low tack tape so you can pick it up and see if its all cut.  Once it is all cut, insert one of the christmas topper sentiments or indeed if you bought the Pick Of The Week bundle, die cut your own sentiment using the Inner Die Set.  Wrap a shorter length of matching ribbon to the right of the design securing with double sided tape and stick your layer in place.

Taking the Christmas tree design out of the Christmas Wishes Header Die Set, cut this onto a scrap of cream pearlescent card, mount this onto red card and trim around the outline.  Stick in place with some 3d foam pads close top the base of the strip of ribbon.  Finish your card with a few self adhesive pearls and you're all done.  A quick and simple, yet effective Christmas card.

Hope you like it,

Karen x


  1. Stunning may have to try this when my dies turn up .Melanie

    1. You'll love them Melanie :) Let me know if you try it xx

  2. Love this card Karen. So rich and expensive looking. :) x

  3. a really classy look love the colours, Thanks for sharing. Dee.X


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