Saturday, 8 November 2014

Noel Wall Hanger

Just a change from cards which you get from me pretty much every post :/

As I was watching Create and Craft yesterday during the Tonic Studios POTW Launch I suddenly realised that as a Design Team we seemed a bit short on ideas.  I know I only made cards although I know a few boxes were made too so I decided I wanted to make something a little bit different and settled on a Wall Hanger.  Mine's a pretty short one as I just chose to do Noel but you could make all sorts, either going down like mine, or across in a bunting style for longer words like Merry Christmas or Seasons Greetings for example.

To make it I started off by die cutting some basic shapes for my letters to go on, I chose the new I Miss You Inner Die Set from the new POTW die bundle on Create and Craft and cut four of the largest shape in gold mirror card and four in plain cream card for my backing.  Next I cut four in seasons greetings paper out of the Christmas paper pack using the next size down in the same die set.

I inked the edges of the cream layers just as a finishing touch, even though you wouldn't really see it as its just a backing.  I added a strip of double sided tape approximately half way across on either side of the back of the die cut shape and placed these equal distance apart using my craft mat for measuring.

I took my length of red thick double sided satin ribbon and leaving an overhang on the bottom, uncovered the tape and stuck the ribbon centrally, taking care not to move my panels.  Once I reached the top I made a loop for hanging and came back down the other side of the panel, trimming my ribbon off at the bottom to have an equal overhang, I then dovetailed these.
To make sure the ribbon was secure in between the layers, I placed another strip of double sided tape on the backs of the mirror card layers before sticking these in place with a good layer of glue, sandwiching the ribbon in between them.  Next I layered the seasons greetings paper layer over the top making sure I had an equal border of mirror card showing.

The letters were taken from the new Pretoria Duocaps Initial die sets, I cut them twice, in gold mirror and cream.  I glued the outer more decorative gold letters in the right order on each panel before inking the edges of the cream letters and placing these back in the centres to fit perfectly and I also have a negative of this to use in another project.

This was a very quick and simple project to do but I think it's going to look very effective hanging on my wall this Christmas.

I hope you like it and don't forget to keep watching the Tonic Studios Pick of the Week shows with Jodie on Create and Craft over the weekend for more inspiration and ideas.

Karen x


  1. That's beautiful, Karen, and so nice to see something different. I don't recall the Alphabet set being called Pretoria Duocaps on C&C - can I assume it is one and the same? I love love love it!

    1. Definitely the same Frances tonic only have one alphabet set at the moment
      Karen x


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