Monday, 6 October 2014

Beautiful Butterflies

To make this card I started out with an A4 sheet of card which I scored at A4 gate, Half A4, then I turned the card 180 degrees and scored A4 gate again, this will give you four equal panels. Still using your score board, turn your card 90 degrees so a long side is against the bar and on the centre line make a mark using your scorer or embossing tool at the Gate A4 line, just to mark where it is, now, line up this mark with the top one of the Gate A4 lines and score, repeat for the other Gate A4 line giving you a ‘V’ shape at the centre top of your card. Fold all score lines, Gate lines will be Valley folds and with the 'V' as a valley fold but the rest of that centre line as a Mountain fold, you will then see the card beginning to take shape.

For the lengthened side panels, take some nice quality paper (I like to use pearlescent for the sheen), fold it in half and cut the width of your panel (7.5cm) plus the width of your decorative punch (4.5cm), I used Tonic Studios Dotty Lace Border so I needed my folded paper to measure 12cm from the fold.  Because I used paper I managed to punch through both layered together and because I punched from the folded edge, they stayed together until the end.  Repeat this for the opposite flap.  To adhere these to your card use double sided tape either side of the card panel but also some tiny dots of glue here and there on the exposed punched area so they will stick to each other.  These need to be lined up perfectly.

For the centre two panels I punched another strip of pearlescent paper either side but found that it was too wide for my panel so I trimmed my punched strip, mirroring both sides until it fit! I backed these with white pearlescent paper and stuck them in place.  The triangular die cut panel in the 'V' is one of the Tonic Studios Verso Decorative Envelope Dies (set 1) which has been trimmed directly around the pattern die to make it fit in place. I die cut some of the tiny butterflies which came with the Verso Butterfly Purse Corners.  I also die cut some small layering panels for them to sit on, for these I used one of the smaller layers out of the Indulgence Keepsake Tent Gift Bag die set, I set these on 3d foam for added dimension.  I glittered the butterflies and stuck them in place folding back the wings.

 I finished the card by adding some double layered ribbon, pink on top of a wider white and added a simple looped bow and of course some tiny clear gems to catch the light.

Hope you like it,
Karen x


  1. Really beautiful card, thank you for sharing how you made it.

    Niknaks Designs

  2. Thank You, so glad you like it :)

    Karen x


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